Spell the OS name correctly GNU/LINUX not LINUX

Friends ,actually we are naming Linux as an complete Operating Syatem .But it’s not true .Linux is only the kernel not the total OS. When many GNU utilities and more  are added to the Linux kernel ,then only it becomes a complete Operating System that is the GNU/LINUX .

By naming it only Linux we are not giving the credit of the original creator of the completely opensource oerating system .So we should call it as GNULINUX .

3 thoughts on “Spell the OS name correctly GNU/LINUX not LINUX

  1. Phil says:

    We should spell it correctly, based on your article? The one that has three misspelled words, and no correct punctuation?

  2. Yes, I totally agree. People like to say it doesn’t matter, but it does. Without GNU, a kernel on it’s own is of no use! Give recognition to all parties involved in bringing GNU/Linux to us. 🙂

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